What’s WebTech blog, why another blog

Hello Readers! I am Jitendra Chaudhary, having experience of over 28 years in IT Industry, mainly in Software development using various technologies. Presently employed with Oil and gas major in Kuwait.

When I was thinking of this blog and spoke to few of my friends, all were asking, why another blog? When all are leaving blogging, why you want to re-enter? Questions were many, but I would like to explain one by one.

Why Another blog?

I have gained experienced over many years, after working, failing, succeeding on technologies, why not share my knowledge and experience with people who need it. Moreover blogging provides you platform to interact with like minded users/people.

Blogging is dead

It’s completely untrue, blogging is very much being done, however contrary to previously now blogging is focused on specific subject. Bloggers were mostly techy guys who started with full enthusiasm but later lost interest due to being busy in other activities or availability of various other social media platforms like Twitter, facebook etc. But I have seen many tech bloggers are still writing, however frequency is not as earlier but yes, they do write.

What would we cover?

This blog will talk about anything and everything which matters to Application/Software development. It can be news, views, reviews, faq, tech help, code snippets, tools and whatever you can think of. I shall try to write at least twice a week (mainly on weekends) and keep this blog updated.

Can other bloggers join?

Yes indeed! other tech bloggers can join and write posts and share their views. If you are one of the seasoned programmer and want to share something related to your area of expertise, you are most welcome.

So shall we start the journey?


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I hope you would find above article informative and  interesting. In case you need any further information, please feel free to comment , I shall try to reply the comment at the earliest. If you like this article, please like my Facebook page and advise/suggest me for more topics of your interest. Happy Coding!